Notification on campus studies at the end of June

Mon 17 May 2021 13:53

At the end of June, and in good time before the admission notice is sent out, the schedule for campus teaching this autumn will be presented. The plan is that studies on campus and distance will alternate.

Campus Sundsvall

The uncertainty about the development of the pandemic situation makes it difficult to give any definitive information about the campus presence next autumn. However, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Eva Dannetun, who is also coordinator of the university’s corona group, is cautiously positive.
”The idea is that education should take place alternately on campus and remotely, so that students who applied for campus education can have certain lessons on site. With alternate teaching, we can avoid congestion as fewer people are on campus at the same time”, she says.

The schedule for how campus time is to be distributed, based on the wishes of the heads of departments, will be presented at the end of June.

Three different levels of contagion
A report from the Public Health Agency describes three different levels for the spread of infection and recommended measures based on these:

• Level 3 means a national state with severely burdened healthcare that is manifested by a number of regions being in disaster, reinforcement or staff situation. Care that is not acute must be postponed because a large number of individuals need medical care for covid-19. A majority of the regions have either a plateau, are at a high level or have an increasing number of cases.

• Level 2 means a national permit where healthcare in most regions is well positioned to cope with the care of covid-19 patients. It is a plateau phase in the spread of infection at a relatively low level or a declining number of cases in most regions. At this level, the recommendation on distance teaching for, among other things, universities can be removed.

• Level 1 means a condition in which few patients are admitted with covid-19. Few individuals are confirmed infected with covid-19, and only minor outbreaks occur.

“What the pandemic situation looks like after the summer is crucial for how we are ultimately allowed to act, but the hope is that we are in level 2 and can conduct a corona-adapted campus education. This is what we continue to plan for," says Eva Dannetun.

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