Tue 17 Aug 2021 14:08

The spread of the coronavirus with variants is at risk of relaunching now that we gather again to a greater extent than in the summer. The Public Health Agency therefore calls on everyone who can be vaccinated. Find out below how to book.

plaster on arm after corona vaccination

If you live in Västernorrland, vaccination is offered, among other things, at the vaccination unit in Nacksta, Sundsvall. You book your time via 1177.se. Here you will find a link to all vaccination units in the county and appointments.

If you want to vaccinate in Jämtland Härjedalen, book your time via 1177.se. In Östersund you can now book an appointment for vaccination at Frösö Health Centre, Odensala Health Centre, Brunflo Health Centre, Zätagränds Health Centre, Health Centre Ripan, Clinical Training Centre at Östersund Hospital or at the vaccination clinic at Campus area. Read more about where to vaccinate here on the Public Health Agency’s page

More information about vaccination can be found on the Public Health Agency’s website. There you will also find links to vaccination units in other parts of the country. Vaccination is voluntary, but the Public Health Agency recommends you who can to accept vaccination. On 1177.se you can read about how vaccination is organised where you live.

You can read more about vaccination against Covid 19 on the Public Health Agency’s page

The page was updated 8/17/2021