Open halls and closed doors – this applies on campus

Tue 21 Sep 2021 10:17

Step by step, life has begun to return to the “normal”. For those who study with us, this means that lectures and other activities once again start taking place physically on campus. But not fully, not yet yet.


During the autumn semester, alternate studies, on site and digitally, will take place according to the schedule you have received from your programme or course manager, who will also keep you updated during the rest of the autumn about any changes during the study period 2.

Remember your personal access card

The entrance doors to Hus G in Östersund and Hus N in Sundsvall are unlocked so that it is easy to access service center, library and restaurant. However, the other houses on both campus sites will be kept locked. If you are a student, you will get in with your personal access card, which you order in Service Center. The doors to the halls and other premises in the houses, on the other hand, are unlocked. This is to avoid congestion during entry and exit.

Welcome back!

As of 29 September, distance markings and barriers will also be removed, in accordance with the Public Health Authority’s guidelines and after the consultation between Mid Sweden University’s coronavirus group and the student unions. 

So warmly welcome to campus, but remember that you should continue to avoid congestion, wash your hands and stay at home if you are ill.

The page was updated 9/21/2021