Fri 14 Jan 2022 17:32

We welcome all students to a new semester at Mid Sweden University! Here is an update on how we as a university work to reduce the spread of infection and advice for you as a student.

According to the Swedish Public Health Agency and the government, we as a university will continue teaching and carry out examinations on campus. We follow the development continuously and adapt our measures based on the recommendations for us as a university.

Pandemic measures

In order to avoid crowds, distance teaching can be offered e.g. for larger lectures, but distance teaching should not be considered a full-time measure. This means that there may be changes in your course at short notice. You will receive information about any changes from your teacher / course coordinator.

According to the recommendations, examinations should be carried out on our premises with appropriate infection control measures, for example to avoid congestion at entrances and exits. Face masks will be distributed individually and hand sanitizer will be available.

Advice for you as a student

It is very important that everyone follow the advice and guidelines that apply to reduce the spread of infection.

  • Stay at home and get tested when you have symptoms.
  • Keep a distance from others, especially indoors.
  • Wash your hands frequently.

All students are encouraged to stay up to date on the university's information by reading news on the student web.

The Student Web

On the corona page, you find all news related to corona / covid-19.

Information for students regarding the coronavirus

You will receive specific information about your education from your teacher. If you have questions regarding your education, please contact the course coordinator.

Are you worried?

Feeling well is a good foundation for successful studies. If the balance in everyday life is disturbed and your ability to study is affected, for example, by anxiety, do not hesitate to contact the Student Health Centre.

Student Health Centre

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