Mon 14 Nov 2022 10:26

Every day this week, the Academic Resource Centre, gives a lunch lecture in zoom (12.30-13.00) on Thesis Writing.

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Monday 14 November: Critical thinking and independent work
– In this presentation we will give you some advice on how to reflect, read and write to take control of your thesis/dissertation.

Tuesday 15 November: How to structure your thesis
– In this presentation we will talk about the IMRaD structure, the purpose of each part and what to write, and where, to fulfill the purpose of each part of the thesis.

Wednesday 16 November: The common thread and how to write coherently
– Your thesis needs a common thread and here we will give you some tools to accomplish coherence, cohesion, and well-organized paragraphs.

Thursday 17 November: Editing and revision
– It is of importance that your texts are adapted to the recipient, the reader. Ensuring this will require editing and revisions. In this presentation, we will provide advice on editing and revision.

Friday 18 November: Time management and study technique
–Time management and study technique are crucial during your studies. In this presentation, we will teach you more about time management and study technique.


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