Pick-up service

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Mid Sweden University offers a pick-up service to international students admitted for spring semester 2020. The Pick-up service is free of charge, and available upon arrival in Sundsvall and Östersund.

Pick-up dates

The service is offered from 11 to 15 January 2020 between 8am - 11pm (08.00 - 23.00) each day. No other dates or times apply.

Deadline date

Deadline to register for the pick-up service is the 5th January 2020! 

How does it work?

  • The pick-up service is free of charge and intended for newly admitted students, not accompanying family members or/and friends.
  • The pick-up service is operated five days before the introduction begins each autumn and spring. Students cannot be pick-up outside these scheduled days.
  • The pick-up is only available upon arrival to Sundsvall and Östersund. Students cannot be picked up in Stockholm/Arlanda airport or any other place outside our campus cities.
  • To be picked-up students need to apply through our online form and enter all information fields required.
  • To access this service students needs to apply before the deadline!
  • Students needs to apply online individually, even if they arrive in pairs/groups.
  • Three days after the deadline has passed, students will receive an email that confirms that they will be picked-up according to the details submitted.
  • Students are required to notify Mid Sweden University if there are any last minute changes to their travel plan/booking.

Sundsvall campus

The Pick-up service includes a key exchange service. 
This means that students who apply for our pick-up service before the deadline will receive keys to their student accommodation upon arrival. The pick-up drivers will collect the keys at the Mitthem or Diös housing company (no other companies) beforehand and hand them over to you.

If you haven't booked our pick-up service you need to collect your keys yourself during the opening hours of the housing company. If you arrive outside their opening hours and are unable to collect your keys, we advise you to book a hostel/hotell for the night and collect the keys in the morning. In Sundsvall we recommend Sundsvall City Hostel.

Östersund campus

The Pick-up Service does not include a key exchange service.
If you have booked accommodation at Odenslingan camping you can collect your keys during office hours. If you arrive after opening hours you can ask the staff at the camping to leave the keys at the gas station (circle k) open 24 hours and located close to the camping.

If you have booked accommodation at Östersundshem you can collect your keys during office hours, if you arrive after opening hours, we advise you to book a hostel/hotell for the night and collect the keys in the morning. In Östersund we recommend STF Östersund/Ledkrysset vandrarhem

Register for the pick-up service here.