To formally register on a course is very important. Until you have done so you will not formally be able to register any course credits you may have received and you will not gain access to your learning platform.

1. To register yourself on a course sign in to the Student portal, select "Study Information", and choose "Register on course", follow the instructions provided carefully before you proceed.

2. You can only register yourself two business days before a course starts. If your course starts on a Monday, for example, you will be able to register earliest on the Thursday the week before.

3. How long the service to register yourself remains open may differ from course to course and is decided by each department individually. However, you can count on the service being open at least one week after the semester starts.

4. If you decide to quit the course within three weeks of course start, you should use the on-line LADOK service "Dropping my course early" in the student portal. If you decide to quit a course later than three weeks after it has started, you have to contact the Student Affairs Office (your Department secretary).

5. If the Ladok on Webb service does not work for you, contact your Department secretary who will be able to register you.

6. If the course you are studying has a Moodle/WebCT platform, you must have activated your student portal identity and you must be registered in 'study information' before you will gain access to your platform.

7. If you are studying a program, you must still register for each individual course within the programme.

Problem with registration?

- Have you checked if the course registration period is open?
- Have you checked if you missed the course registration deadline?
- Have you checked if there are any unfulfilled conditions?