On campus you can connect to WI-FI trough Eduroam. It gives you access to internet on our premises as well as at other universities that are members of the Eduroam network.


Create a new eduroam-password or retieve existing

As a student or employee at Mid Sweden University you have access to the wireless network eduroam. You can connect to eduroam at most universities in Sweden and at certain public places, such as airports. To be able to use eduroam, you need a personal password.

Create a new eduroam-password

  1. Use this link to download your Network Secret https://eduroam.miun.se/bin/eduroam.cgi
  2. Log in with your miun email address (firstname.lastname@miun.se/ MiunID@student.miun.se) and your normal password.


Retrieve existing eduroam-password

If you are on campus and do not have access to a network:

  1. Turn on WI-FI on your device and connect to the miun_guest network.
  2. Once you have selected miun_guest a browser window will open automatically (if you have an older model, a tab will open in your browser).
  3. Follow the instructions for "to login" and go to "click here" to see your password.
  4. Click on the link called "Show my network secret" https://eduroam.miun.se/edu to see your Eduroam-password.
  5. Fill in your email login details and click on "Log in"
  6. Your password is displayed. Copy your password.
  7. Disconnect miun_guest and connect your device to eduroam network. To log in, enter your miun email address as username (firstname.lastname@miun.se/ MiunID@student.miun.se) and paste the copied password in the password field. Connect.


The page was updated 10/2/2023