The Student Health Centre provides preventive health care for students at Mid Sweden University and is a complement to the public health care system. If you are sick and need to see a doctor you should contact the Public Health Centre.

The Student Health Centre is closed for the summer and welcomes you back for the fall semester. Have a good summer!

The Student Health Centre can help you with:

  • Personal guidance
  • Conversational therapy
  • Lifestyle questions
  • Crisis support
  • Relationship questions
  • Questions about alcohol and drugs

Nurses: Drop-in nursing services are available at all our campuses. You can also make an advance appointment by calling the nurse at your campus. See contact information below.

Welfare officer: Make an advance appointment by calling directly. Our voice mail box is open during counselling sessions. Record your name and telephone number in the voice mailbox and the welfare officer will return your call.

Public Health Centre

If you are injured, fall ill, or if you need advice during a weekday during daytime, you can contact your nearest district health centre, "Vårdcentral". If you fall ill in the evening, at night or during the weekend, you should first phone the medical advice line, 1177. Their phone numbers and brief information in English is provided at the county councils websites:


Please note: When seeking medical attention in Sweden, you need to bring your Health Insurance card or a Health cover form.

If you fall acutely ill – Call 112

If you need immediate help, as a result of an accident or an acute condition such as extreme pain in the chest or stomach, excessive bleeding, difficulty with breathing, an automobile accident, etc., CALL 112. Be ready to say WHO is calling, WHAT has happened, and WHERE it happened.

If you get sick

Medical insurance

At Student Health Centre

All visits are free-of-charge, and people there are committed to professional secrecy.

Contact information

Campus Sundsvall

Student nurse Siv Englund
House: N Floor 3
Phone: 076-147 64 86
Visiting hours: Mondays 13.00-17.00
Wednesday 13.00-17.00

Chaplain Pether Bertilsson
House: N Floor 4
Phone: 073-271 01 41
Call or e-mail to book an appointment

Campus Östersund

New staff will join us at the start of fall semester 2020.

If any questions, please contact:

Helena Söderberg
Student Health Center Coordinator
Phone: + 46 (0) 10-142 84 87