Here you can find information about tools you can use when studying from home and a list of software that is available to students at Mid Sweden University. The software is free for students to use but with some programs you will need to contact your teacher before you can download them.


How to study from home

The learning platform Moodle
Mid Sweden University’s webb-based learning platform is called Moodle and you can access it via your student account. Moodle is used in many distance and campus courses. Your teacher will inform you if, and how, they intend to use Moodle in their course.


The online-meeting tool Zoom
Zoom is a user-friendly tool for online meetings. It allows users to organise meetings, conferences and group-work online so everyone can participate irrespective of their physical location. Zoom is available to everyone with a university account, staff and students alike. 


Tools for cooperate, sharing documents and making surveys: Office 365 (O365)
As a student at Mid Sweden University you are provided with a Microsoft account and can use Office 365 (O365), a cloud-based platform. O365 allows you and your course mates to edit documents simultaneously even if you are in different physical locations, it is also useful for making surveys etc. O365 also contains Teams, which is a chat-based collaboration area and a meeting tool.

Find out more about O365


To make studying from home a bit easier the university has user licencing agreements that make it possible for you to install a wide variety of software on your private computer free of charge.  Some software is available to all students but for others the agreements only cover specific study programs. In such cases, you must contact your teacher to gain access to the software.

Below there is a list of software with details about each program. Contact your teacher if you can’t find information about a specific program that is used in your course.

In addition, you can find a range of academic software at discounted prices at OnTheHub. Log in by clicking on the sign in button under the Single Sing On heading and use you normal student account details.


Computer rooms with temporary remote access during the Covid-19 pandemic

Since 4 May, there are three computer rooms on campus with remote access only.  

Here, you will find a list as well as information about the available software on the computers in these rooms.


Adobe Creative Cloud

Before downloading the program you need to contact your teacher so they can give you a license. Download the software and log in via:
Use your student email to log in. You will be prompted to choose a password on the adobe page. The password you choose must contain characters from the following four categories: capital letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

The following programs are included in Adobe CC complete:

Adobe Bridge
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Animate and Mobile Device Packaging
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Audition
Adobe Media Encoder
Adobe Prelude
Adobe Character Animator

ADT4T- Azure Dev Tools for Teaching(2)

ADT4T- Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, formerly Microsoft Imagine/Dreamspark

Mid Sweden University has an agreement with Microsoft which means that all students and teachers as Mid Sweden University have access to Microsoft’s development platform (including operating systems from Windows) for educational and research purposes. Office is not available for download via Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. One of the conditions is that they are used for testing or non-commercial purposes.

You can only install the program in one computer and you can only access Azure Dev Tools for Teaching while you are an active student or employed by the University. You are permitted to continue using the programs after you complete your studies but you cannot download or request new license keys.

Download Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Go to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching and click on Sign In. Students sign in by using their student account details.

The download centre is entirely external to Mid Sweden University so the University’s IT helpdesk cannot provide any technical support for the program.

For support, please visit the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Frequently Asked Questions


As a student you can install Affinity on your own computer. Before installing Affinity you have to contact your teacher.

The Affinity package includes Designer, Photo and Publisher. The software is available for both Mac and PC and is valid for one year.
Guide to Affinity software



Autodesk offers free access to their software for students and teaching staff.

For information and downloads, visit:


To be able to download Comsol you have to contact your teacher to get a passcode. Then you have to create an access account where you use the passcode to download the program.

Create an access account and download Comsol.

The software is also available via Remote Desktop.


To be able to download Comsol you have to contact your teacher to get a license. Once downloaded you will have access to the software for 60 days.


For PC

For Mac

Step-by-step instructions for installation:

  • Download and start KeyShot 9

  • If the registration dialogue box does not open, look under the 'KeyShot' menu on Mac, or 'Help' menu on Windows, and click on 'Register a license' and click yes when it asks if you want to upgrade your license

  • Enter your info and click ‘Continue'

  • Click on Activate your license and click ‘Continue'

  • Enter your KeyShot serial code and click ‘Continue'


Contact your teacher for more information about access to KUGG.

Mathworks Matlab

As a student at Mid Sweden University you have the opportunity to install MATLAB on your own computer. You need a MathWorks account to be able to download the software and to activate the license key.

Guide to creating your MathWorks account and downloading the software.

In addition, both students and staff have access to several MATLAB-courses run by MathWorks. Upon completing a course you can get a certificate issues by MathWorks.

For more information and registration visit the MATLAB Training page.

Mentor Graphics PADS

PADS Professional Student Edition is freely available for students to download via the links below:


As a student, you can download a test version of Rhino via the link below that will be active for 90 days.


At SolidWorks, students can download a free 60-day trial version of their software. Follow the instructions below to download:

  • Use the Trial Code: TCOVID19

  • Choose the 2019-2020 version (unless you need an older one)

  • Enter your email and other required information

  • During the download you will be given a 24 digit serial number which you use for activation.

  • Using your serial number you can also access MY SolidWorks at

SPSS Statistics

As a student at Mid Sweden University you have the opportunity to install the SPSS software on your own computer. To get access to the program, please contact your teacher.

SPSS is also available in some of the University’s computer labs.


TorTalk (Speech synthesis software)
Read with your ears. TorTalk is available for PC and Mac and can read text in different formats (e-books, PDF:s and scanned text). Mark text on the screen and have it read aloud. You can choose between 60 different voices and 20 different languages.

You can find more voices and languages, as well as instructions and videos in TorTalk’s Guide for download and installation.

Download TorTalk

More information about reading impairment.


Zoom is a user-friendly online-meeting tool that can be used for online meetings, distance lectures, remote supervision and group work. As a Mid Sweden University students you can download this tool for free. For more information about requirements and how to use Zoom, please visit the link below.

How to get started with Zoom