Everybody should feel motivated and welcome to work and study at Mid Sweden University.

The equality of all human beings is an obvious and basic value in all activities at Mid Sweden University. Both students and employees should be treated and met with respect and dignity and differences should be respected in order to make the most of the individual's opportunities in terms of studies and work, irrespective of gender, gender identity or gender expression, ethnic affiliation, religion or other belief, disabilities, sexual orientation or age.

We call this work equal opportunities. Within the framework of equal opportunities we gather everything we do to create a good working and studying environment free from discrimination, harassment and victimization.

Working towards equal opportunities means to work with knowledge, attitudes, values and behaviour. This work should be deeply rooted in the university and be integrated in the daily tasks of all activities.

The equal opportunities work at Mid Sweden University is in accordance with the Swedish Non-Discrimination Act (SFS 2008:567) and the Working Environment Legislation (AFS 1993:17).

Who can I turn to?

If you are a student and are harassed or witness a fellow student or an employee being harassed, please contact the responsible Head of Department of the department that offers the course or programme, the equal opportunities coordinator or the equal opportunities representatives.

There are also other roles that can provide you with advice, support or information:

  • The Director of Studies or the programme coordinator
  • The teacher
  • The Student Health Office
  • The Mid Sweden University legal expert
  • The Safety representative 
  • The Discrimination ombudsman

Formal report

A formal report must be in written or sent via e-mail to the Mid Sweden University legal expert or to the Mid Sweden University equal opportunities coordinator. You can also turn directly to the government agency The Discrimination ombudsman (Swedish: DO).


If you feel unfairly treated or have any questions please contact equality officer Jenny Gärdlund, or equality representatives:


Emma McKeough

Faculty of Human Sciences

Ulrika Lif

Faculty of Science, Technology and Media

Lasse Reinikainen



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