Urkund plagiarism check

What is Urkund?

Mid Sweden University has access to the plagiarism tracking system Urkund. In Urkund, papers and reports can be checked against a very large number of sources to discover possible plagiarism. All independent projects and degree projects are checked for plagiarism in Urkund before they are accepted. Urkund compares the document with texts on the Internet, printed material and previous student work.  

Thereafter, Urkund sends a report to the teacher, where similarities with other texts from other sources are marked. A match in Urkund does not automatically mean plagiarism. A citation, for instance, will also be a hit.  The teacher looks into the similarities and compares the text with the sources to decide if there is a reason to suspect intentional plagiarism.


Information in English about Urkund: download the Plagiarism Handbook.