Degree seeking students at Mid Sweden University who meet certain criteria can apply to study abroad. The criteria include meeting minimum/general requirements, and/or subject specific requirements.

The general requirements include the minimum/basic criteria that is needed to be offered one of Mid Sweden University's exchange places. The specific eligibilty reqirements include fulfilling the subject specific pre-requisites that is needed for a certain subject.

General requirements

The following are the general/basic requirements to be nominated to study abroad:

  1. The applicant needs to be admitted to current studies at Mid Sweden University.
  2. The applicant needs to have earned 60 hp (ECTS) minimum from Mid Sweden University before starting the exchange studies abroad.
  3. The applicant needs to have followed the timeline in their programme at Mid Sweden University. 
  4. The exchange studies abroad need to be full time studies (30 hp per semester) and transferrable to Mid Sweden University.
  5. The applicant needs to be able to document their language level according to the requirements of the host university.

Specific requirements

The specific eligibility requirements include fulfilling pre-requisites in a subject (level).  The department responsible for the exchange place determines which specific eligibility requirements that is needed. For example, if an exchange place is at B/C level, the applicant needs to have completed A-level to be eligible for the exchange place (30 hp at A-level). The department responsible for the exchange place decides if any exceptions can be made. 

All applications are reviewed by the departments to determine eligibility. In case of more applicants than available places, there is a selection process according to a merit point system.

Merit points

In case of more applicants than available places, there is merit point calculation. The merit point is calculated based on the merits that the applicant submitted in his/her application, according to the following rules:

  1. Merit points are given for the total number of hp (ECTS) including points from universities other than MIUN (max 3,0 p)
    30,5 - 60 hp = 0,5 p
    60,5 - 90 hp = 1,0 p
    90,5 - 120 hp =1,5 p
    120,5 - 150 hp = 2,0 p
    150,5 - 180 hp = 2,5 p
    180,5 hp - = 3,0 p
  2. Merit point is given to applicants engaged in the Student Union's international committee as a Buddy to international students. Certificate required. (1,0p)
  3. Merit point is given to applicants who are or have been employed as a student ambassador at Mid Sweden University and completed the ambassador-training. Certificate required. (0,5 p)

If applicants have the same merit points, the following applies:

  1. If one of the applicants has applied before and was not offered a place, he/she is given preference.
  2. The applicant who has the most A and B grades is given preference.
  3. Lottery.

After a decision to offer an exchange place is made and the applicant accepts his/her offer, Mid Sweden University nominates the student to the partner university. It is the partner university which makes the admission decision.