Fitness test

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Lactate threshold test + maximum VO2 test

The most complete fitness test is conducted over 1-1½ hours and provides feedback on your physical capacity at both submaximal and maximal workloads. We measure both lactate levels and oxygen uptake, and VOthroughout the test. After completing the test there is a review of the results, in which your strong and weak sides are highlighted and discussed. All feedback is adjusted to your personal requirements profile, regardless of whether you aim to perform at the World Championships or just improve your health. This test suits those who want to get the most out of their training and a statement of the capacities that they can improve.


Maximum VO2 test

This is a somewhat simplified version of the above, where only your maximum capacity is tested. The actual test takes around 10 minutes, but with the warm-up and feedback, the total time is an hour. After the test we provide feedback, in which the test results are put in relation to your personal requirements profile. This test is recommended for athletes in team sports, those who train as a hobby and people who would like to improve their health status.  


V max test

We measure your poling ability using a speed test on rollerskis. This shows whether you have the ability to quickly recruit your muscle fibres at up to maximum speed, as well as also requiring a good technique.


Åstrand test

This simple test calculates your VO2 max as you cycle at a submaximal load for 6 minutes. This gives you fitness value that is placed in relation to the physical requirements of your life.