Keynote speakers

Save favourite 11 May May 2017

Alice Bah Kuhnke

Alice Bah Kuhnke

Minister for culture and democracy, Government of Sweden

Yvonne von Friedrichs

Yvonne von Friedrichs

Yvonne von Friedrichs is a professor of business administration and entrepreneurship at Mid Sweden University, where she also holds an appointment as associate professor in the discipline of tourism studies.

Dr Beatriz Garcia

Beatriz Garcia

Dr Beatriz Garcia is Head of Research at the Institute of Cultural Capital and Senior Research Fellow in Communication at the University of Liverpool.

Charles Landry 300px

Charles Landry

Charles Landry works with cities around the world to help them make the most of their potential. He is widely acclaimed as a speaker, author and innovator. He facilitates complex urban change projects.

Michael Quinn Patton

Michael Quinn Patton

Michael Quinn Patton is an independent organizational development and evaluation consultant based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 

J Hosagrahar 2013-1.jpg

Jyoti Hosagrahar

Jyoti Hosagrahar is the Director of the Division of Creativity at UNESCO.