Research Questions

Save favourite 21 Sep September 2011

Focusing on the themes above with the competencies of the Val IT research group gives a number of interesting research questions addressing value creation with the help of IT. Examples of such are;

  • How do we assess the quality of a set of systems requirements?

  • How do we compare/measure faculty research output across disciplinary traditions and boundaries?

  • How user pattern recognition (emergence behavior) help in defining problem definition?

  • How user configuration helps to create a value for new innovation?

  • How do we manage emergent systems requirements?

  • How do dominant stories (e.g. techno-economic paradigms) co-construct with design of digital technologies?

  • How inequalities (power relations, stratifications, tensions) interact with sustainable development?

  • How different actors interconnect different values with digital technology?

  • Why a user (only alternative, additional experienced value)?

  • Usability versus useworthiness related to values?

  • How do practices of IT use, design and production contribute to sustainable lives and societies?

  • How scales can be used in creating perceptions of measurements?

  • How can values be conceptualized as something enacted in practices in various contexts?

  • What are the power issues in those enactments?

  • How to support decision modeling for sustainability in for example the transport sector?

  • How do desires and intentions turn into measurable entities in e.g. policy making and systems design?

  • Who are the hidden actors in the longer networks of information technologies?