Research Themes

Save favourite 21 Sep September 2011

Resting on the competencies above the Val IT Research Group is focused on the four following research themes; innovation, participation, heterogeneity and measurement.

  • Innovation

    • Open innovation and architecture of participation
    • Cognitive and psychosocial approach on innovation of e-services
    • Sustainable innovation (economic, environmental and social)
    • Global logistics and lean thinking


  • Participation

    • User centered requirements elicitation processes
    • Work systems modeling
    • Participatory methodologies and philosophies


  • Heterogeneity

    • Decision making with conflicting objectives
    • Computer based decisions support
    • Framework for multi-stakeholder and multiple objectives decision modeling in systems engineering
    • Visualizing intentionality tensions and multiple actor roles


  • Measurement

    • Defining and measuring value
    • Understanding perceptions of value