As an employee at Mid Sweden University, there are a number of benefits available to you. Here are the most common ones.


Working hours

There are differences in working hours and the way they are arranged depending on staff categories. Instructors have annual working time, whilst administrative and technical staff often work according to flexitime.


We have a local collective agreement for flexitime that applies to administrative and technical staff. Flexible working hours means that employees can choose for themselves how to arrange their working hours within the flexitime period according to the needs of their organisation.


All employees are entitled to a long, contiguous period of rest and recreation during the year. Employees are entitled to their holiday from their first year of employment.

· 28 days of holiday per year until you reach the age of 29.

· 31 days of holiday per year from the age of 30.

· 35 days of holiday per year from the age of 40.

Parental allowance supplement

Employees at Mid Sweden University are entitled to receive a parental allowance supplement for up to 360 days per child. The supplement is 10 percent of the calendar day salary up to the base price limit.

Fitness programme

At Mid Sweden University, you have the opportunity to engage in fitness activities during working hours for one hour a week in the case of full-time employees, or otherwise in proportion to the number of hours you work. You can also receive compensation up to 2,500 SEK per calendar year for your fitness activities. The fitness contribution is paid in proportion to your length of service during the calendar year. Some fitness centres offer discounted prices on their gym cards for university employees.

Healthcare and medicinal products

Employees are entitled to receive time off for visiting the doctor, dentist etc. without any deduction to salary. You can also receive compensation for some of the costs incurred for visiting a doctor, a physiotherapist or for a hospital stay. You can also be reimbursed for prescription medicines that you have received. All employees are covered by occupational health services if they experience any work-related health issues.

Occupational pension

As a government employee, you are entitled to an occupational pension, as well as a disability pension if you were to suffer from long-term sickness.

Conversion of earnings

We give you the opportunity to save for your coming pension in an advantageous manner, such as by setting aside the value of saved holiday days for your future pension. You can also make regular deposits to your pension by having deductions made from your gross salary each month.


Employees at Mid Sweden University are covered by several different insurance schemes:

· Industrial injuries insurance. This covers injuries or illnesses that arise due to accidents or that are otherwise caused by work.

· Business travel insurance. Mid Sweden University has access to two types of business travel insurance; one type is available when booking with a travel agency and the other consists of the government business travel insurance provided by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.

· Occupational Group Life insurance (Tjänstegrupplivförsäkring – TGL). Your appointment is covered by an occupational group life insurance policy that means that your family can receive a payment in the event of your death. The money is paid as a tax-free lump sum. The insurance is valid as long as you are employed by the government.

· Survivor's pension. In the event of your death as a government employee, you family is entitled to receive money. This is called a survivor's pension. It is not possible to remove this benefit and it does not affect your occupational pension.