– This is a happy place, full of life

Alexandra Wibron

Works as: Caretaker.
Comes from: Njurunda, Sundsvall.
Employed since: 2015.

How did you end up at Mid Sweden University?

– I had worked in customer services for five years and I felt that it was time to try something new. I found this position on Platsbanken and decided to apply. I was attracted by the fact that the job seemed to involve varied assignments, and it would mean that I would get to work with something that I had studied at upper secondary school, where I studied subjects such as media, PR and graphic design.

What are your work assignments?

– We print papers, advertisements, educational brochures, signs, and a lot of other university material. Students from Design etc. also come here when they need help with printouts of various kinds.

Could you describe a regular workday?

– We always have a lot of fun at work. Many people come to the maintenance office, including employees, students and suppliers. We are involved in most things that happen at the university, so it is a very varied and eventful job. We are a small division with great solidarity. The printery is part of the maintenance office, so we do each other's duties and cover for each other as needed.   

What do you think is the best part of working at Mid Sweden University?

– For me, it is the variation in work and all the people we get to meet. No two days are alike. Mid Sweden University as a whole is a large workplace, which means that there is a broad and exciting variety with many different things going on. The exchanges from all over the world are also fun, and we have so many people with different backgrounds. I think that Mid Sweden University feels like a very secure and responsive employer.

How are you able to affect developments through your work?

– We are careful to adjust our work to have as little an environmental impact as possible, such as through environmental choices and by using as little paper as we possible, and reusing everything we can.

Why do you think people should apply to work at Mid Sweden University?

– It is a fun and exciting place to work. There is a lot happening here all the time. It feels like we have the whole world here, and it is a happy place, full of life. We also have a very beautiful environment – there cannot be many institutions that can compete with us on that front.

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