– Here we have a community spirit and a sense of "us"

Jussara Reis-Andersson

Works as: Doctoral student.   
Comes from: Brazil. 
Employed since: 2018.  

Please tell us about your background

– I had a Master of Science in engineering and information technology, and was a business economist. In 2008, I tried teaching at an upper secondary school and thought it was very enjoyable, so I soon took a degree in education at Umeå University and became a certified instructor in business economics subjects.

– Between 2010 and 2014, I worked as an instructor at Mid Sweden University and taught both civil engineering and business economics students. In 2015, I chose to study Education Leadership and School at Karlstad University while working in developmental pedagogy at what was then child and student health and school development in Sundsvall.

What do you work with now? 

– Right now I have a position as doctoral student at Mid Sweden University, and I am researching digitalisation in the educational system. Amongst other things, I look into the collaboration between the principal and the headmaster according to a digitalisation perspective.

You are part of the national interdisciplinary Graduate School for Digitalisation of Education – what does that mean? 

– It allows an opportunity to network with doctoral students and senior researchers from other institutions and disciplines. Amongst other things, we have had seminars with researchers from different parts of the world, which is incredibly enjoyable. You feel like you belong to a group of people who have the same interest, yet from different perspectives. Doctoral students receive a lot of support from senior researchers who are specialists in different areas.   

How did you end up at Mid Sweden University? 

– I have lived in Sundsvall since moving to the country from Brazil, and I both studied and worked at Mid Sweden University previously. I also felt that this position as a doctoral student  allows me to make use of the three subjects I studied earlier – computer technology, business economics and pedagogy. The campus in Sundsvall is also very nice, and it is close to nature yet still in the centre of town.

What do you do in your free time? 

– I spend time, preferably with no demands, together with family and friends.

Have you found any favourite spots here in Sundsvall?

– Norra Berget. It is very beautiful.

What is it like to be a doctoral student at Mid Sweden University? 

– It is really fun. I like the working environment and my workmates. And I also have the advantage of having my supervisors so close by that I can always knock on the door and ask questions. When studying for a doctorate, there are plenty of questions and considerations that pop up along the way.

What do you like most about your work? 

– The people I work with, they are so wonderful, and in our division, we have a lovely bunch of people. I also really enjoy researching, that is very fun. For me, education is important, and it is the key to a democratic society. If you look at education from a global perspective, a lot of it has to do with the circumstances people find themselves in for being able to go to school at all.

Why do you think people should apply to work at Mid Sweden University? 

– If you are looking for a community spirit and a sense of "us", then I think you should apply to work at Mid Sweden University. I also think it is fun, because we have two campuses; one in Sundsvall and one in Östersund. There is plenty of variation, depending on what you are doing.

How are you able to affect society/developments/the environment through your work? 

– I truly hope that my dissertation contributes to knowledge about collaboration between principals and headmasters when organising matters relating to the introduction of policy into the educational system.

What are your future aspirations? 

– Right now I hope to be done with my postgraduate studies on time. Then I want to continue researching.  

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