– A university is a fantastic place

Ludde Edgren

Works as: Head of Department, Research and Educational Support, and vice director of the university.
Comes from: Årjäng.
Employed since: 2019.

Where do you come from?

– I grew up in western Värmland in a small town called Årjäng. It is perhaps best known for its large plastic troll in the town square, which was also once designated Sweden's ugliest attraction and was sung about by Tore Skogman. I have a background in research, and I was previously head of unit and area manager at the University of Gothenburg.

How did you end up at Mid Sweden University?

– My wife is from Jämtland, and when I found and was offered an interesting job at Mid Sweden University, we decided to move up together with our two children to Östersund. We liked it in Gothenburg, but we also longed for a better quality of life for the whole family and to be close to nature.

What do you like best about working here?

– It is a university that produces knowledge and that contributes to good educational courses and development of society. But I also like it how Mid Sweden University is situated on latitudes where there are still seasons, and in pleasant cities where the mountains are noticeably nearby.

How do you balance work with time off?

– By recognising that there are limits to how much I can work, and that the family and free time are important parts of life.

Tell us about a project that you are especially proud of.

– That would perhaps be the fact that we developed a new division in 2019 that is continually adapted according to current needs, and where we in Operational Support contribute with our expertise in order to create good opportunities for development, education, research and collaboration.

Why do you think people should apply to work at Mid Sweden University?

– Because a university is a fantastic workplace regardless of which role you have, but also because Mid Sweden University is in the middle of Sweden; the middle of life.

If a position becomes available in your division, what qualities would you like applicants to have?

– Depends what kind of skills we are looking for, but as Operational Support, it is always important to be able to provide professional service founded on a solid understanding of the prerequisites and motivations of research and education.

How are you able to affect society and the environment by means of your work?

– By providing the absolute best circumstances for teachers, researchers and students to be able to create and assimilate new knowledge and use it for improving society.

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