Computer Requirements

Spara favorit 20 jun juni 2013

In order to study on the Internet courses, you obviously need to have access to a computer that is linked to the Internet! Many of the courses contain audio files and moving pictures and thus we recommend that you have a reasonably good broadband connection. Past experience has shown that students using 56K modems have problems downloading course documents containing audio files or moving pictures. In addition, some of the software that we will use on the course may not work in Macintosh computers. The following computer recommendations thus apply to Internet students:

  • A reasonably modern PC computer (post 2000)
  • Broadband connection (Small or Medium packages provided by ISPs should suffice)
  • The basic Microsoft Office package (Word, PowerPoint and Excel). OpenOffice is also an option and is a free package
  • A sound card is a must (ie your computer should be able to play and record sound)
  • A microphone in order to record simple sound files (these can be bought for less than 100 SEK)
  • Optional but useful, especially on the B and C course: A web camera.

Note that even if you do not have access to all this equipment at home, local study centres (lärcentra) are often more than happy to help you out.

Special software


On the A-course (Writing in English module) you will be required to record and send in audio sound files. This is most easily done by inserting an audio comment into a Word document (instructions will be given in the study guide) but you may need to download an audiorecorder (there are many free sample downloads available over the Internet such as Audio Recording Wizard.).