General Advice

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Studying over the Internet is in many ways very different from other forms of study. You will need two very important qualities in order to succeed:

  • Self discipline
  • The ability to read and follow written and spoken instructions!

It is extremely important that you structure and plan your work and that you make a real effort to gather information independently. Here are some basic principles that we would like you to follow in your studies:

  • Start every module by carefully reading the study guide(s). Note that most modules are read parallel – two modules simultaneously.

  • Make sure that you know what the deadlines are for module assignments. Note that you will not be able to hand in many assignments at the end of a module. You need to follow the deadlines and hand in your assignments (and have taken part in an eventual discussion) before the assignment deadline.

  • Many of the assignments include group work and even group tasks, and you are expected to take an active part in these group discussions.

  • If you are struggling for time and it looks like you are going to miss a deadline, inform your tutor well in advance.

  • If you do not plan to study and complete a particular module, let us know. You can always complete modules at a later date (the following term).

  • If you decide to quit the course half way through you must inform our Internet course administrator,

  • All communication with your tutor should be done via the messaging system of the appropriate Moodle teaching platform. Most of our mail boxes are bombarded by mails on a daily basis and it is practically impossible to keep track of students if communication takes place outside the course platforms.

  • Deposit all assignments in the appropriate Moodle teaching platform: that is, in the assignment drop boxes. Assignments that are handed in via e-post will not be dealt with.

  • Any technical problems you may have, if the Moodle platform cannot be accessed for example, should be addressed to Helpdesk. Do not contact a teacher if Moodle is offline – Helpdesk is the place for this.

  • Make sure that your address details are up to date. All documents such as marked exams and so on will be sent to the address registered in LADOK. If you do change address, you must contact the subject administrator via

 Note that all relevant documents (study guides, compendia, lecture notes and so on) are often available as pdf-printouts and thus you do not have to spend all your study time in front of the computer. However, it is up to you to print these out. The English section will not provide printouts of relevant documents.