Nordic Narratives of Nature and the Environment

Spara favorit 25 nov november 2016

First Workshop of the Ecocritical Network for Scandinavian Studies (ENSCAN) Mid Sweden University, Campus Sundsvall, 2-3 December 2016

Perceptions and representations of nature and the environment – e.g. in literature, film, and other forms of cultural expression – are always embedded in specific cultural, social and historical contexts. While many environmental risks and the global environmental change occurring today may be unprecedented in the history of human life on earth, the images and narratives by which humans relate to such phenomena nevertheless build upon and make use of established cultural tropes and narrative models.

The first workshop of the Ecocritical Network for Scandinavian Studies will focus on how specifically Nordic cultural, social and historical contexts influence the construction of images and narratives of nature and the environment. 

Click here for the program (as PDF file) Lyssna

The papers presented at the workshop will be published as part of a peer-reviewed edited volume.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the workshop conveners Reinhard Hennig, Anna-Karin Jonasson, and Peter Degerman. Further information can also be found on the website of the Ecocritical Network for Scandinavian Studies: