Symposium: Adorno and the Anthropocene – On the Actuality of Theodor Adorno’s Concept of Nature

Spara favorit 3 okt oktober 2017
Photograph taken in April 1964 by Jeremy J. Shapiro

What is nature? And how is it related to history? These questions are central not only to Theodor W Adorno’s thinking, but also to the current discourse of the Anthropocene. Yet the two discourses are not connected very often.

In the research on Adorno the discussion of nature often stays within philosophical bounds. And in the eco-critical or Anthropocene discourse Adorno is an unusual reference. The aim of the symposium is to change that; to confront and connect Adorno’s concept of nature with the current historical situation and the notion of the Anthropocene.

When: 5-6 oktober 2017
Where: Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, Building L, Room L111

No pre-registration required. The symposium will be open to the public.

Here you can find information about the participants of the symposium



Thursday, October 5th

09.00-09.15   Welcome

09.15-10.00   Björn Billing, University of Gothenburg.
Adorno after the Geological Turn: Re-mapping the Anthropocene.

10.00-10.45   Samir Gandesha, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.
Revisiting Adorno’s “Idea of Natural History” in the Anthropocene.

11.00-11.45   Alastair Morgan, University of Manchester.
Reason, Nature and Critique in Adorno’s Philosophy.

11.45-12.30   Cecilia Sjöholm, Södertörn University.
Cold Thoughts, Warm Things.

12.30-13.30   Lunch

13.30-14.15   Alexander García Düttmann, University of the Arts, Berlin.
Can there be a Reconciliation with Nature?

14.15-15.00   Mattias Martinson, Uppsala University.
Adorno and the Ages of the World: The Challenges of Schelling.

15.00-15.45   Anders Bartonek, Södertörn University.
The Non-identity of Nature in Negative Dialectics and the Anthropocene.

16.00-16.45   Anders Ramsay, Mid Sweden University.
Infernal repetition: On nature, myth and enlightenment.

16.45-17.30   Anders E Johansson, Mid Sweden University.
The Concept of Anthropocene and the Jargon of Authenticity.

Friday October 6th

09.15-10.00   Josefine Wikström, CRMEP, Kingston University.
Art, Abstraction and Natural Beauty.

10.00-10.45   Sven-Olov Wallenstein, Södertörn University.
Adorno, Mimesis, and Natural Beauty.

11.00-11.45   Camilla Flodin, Uppsala University.
Art and the Possibility of Liberated Nature.

11.45-12.30   Antonia Hofstätter, University of Brighton.
Adorno’s Critical Metaphysics of Nature and Beethoven’s Late Style.

12.30-13.30   Lunch

13.30-14.15   Johan Hartle, University of Arts and Design, Karlsruhe.
Natural Beauty as Sensuous Manifestation of the Idea.

14.15-15.00   Hedvig Härnsten, Stockholm University.
“Such aggressive physical proximity”. On the Dialectics of Gesture in Adorno’s Kafka.

15.00-15.45   Anders S Johansson, Mid Sweden University.
Why Art? Adorno vs Ecocriticism.