Spara favorit 9 jun juni 2017

Anders Bartonek, Södertörn, Stockholm
The Non-identity of Nature in Adorno’s Negative Dialectics and the Anthropocene

Björn Billing, Gothenburg
Adorno after the Geological Turn: Re-mapping the Anthropocene

Camilla Flodin, Uppsala      
Art and the Possibility of Liberated Nature

Alexander García Düttman, Berlin     
Can there be a Reconciliation with Nature?

Samir Gandesha, Vancouver
Revisiting Adorno’s “Idea of Natural History” in the Anthropocene

Johan Hartle, Karlsruhe
Natural Beauty as Sensuous Manifestation of the Idea

Antonia Hofstätter, Brighton
Adorno’s Critical Metaphysics of Nature and Beethoven’s late Style

Hedvig Härnsten, Stockholm
“Such aggressive physical proximity”. On Nature’s “more” and the Dialectics of Gesture in Adorno’s Kafka

Anders S Johansson, Sundsvall
Why Art? Adorno vs Ecocriticism

Anders E Johansson, Sundsvall
The Concept of Anthropocene and the Jargon of Authenticity

Mattias Martinson, Uppsala
Adorno and the Ages of the World: The Challenges of Schelling

Alastair Morgan, Manchester
Reason, Nature and Critique in Adorno’s Philosophy

Anders Ramsay, Lund
Alfred Schmidt’s Der Begriff der Natur in der Lehre von Karl Marx in Relation to Adorno’s Concept of Nature

Cecilia Sjöholm, Södertörn, Stockholm
Cold Thoughts, Warm Things

Sven-Olov Wallenstein, Södertörn, Stockholm
Adorno, Mimesis, and Natural Beauty

Tom Whyman, Essex
Environmental Crisis and the Philosophy of History

Josephine Wikström, Kingston, London
Marx’s Concept of Practice in Adorno’s Critical Materialism