Men victims of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

Men can be victims of IPV too, although, just because they are men, social institutions and the public tend not to believe them. If we characterize the statistics of IPV phenomenon as the tip of the iceberg, in the case of men victims, reported cases are the tip of the tip.

Dramatic are the stories of men that, being victims of domestic violence, are accused by their abusive partners of being the perpetrators. False allegations are a form of abusive control. When this occurs, and mainly if their abusive partner is a woman, men have everything to lose, their social network, their fortune, their reputation, and the possibility of a healthy relationship with their children. Besides, social institutions react negatively not believing them.

This project aims to ignite social consciousness and focus the public discussion on men victims - independent of their background - and the abuse perpetrated by their partners (i.e., primary victimization) and by social institutions (i.e., secondary victimization).

If you are a man, and have suffered IPV or are currently living in an abusive relationship and want to participate, please contact me in my email (