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Welcome to EwS 2020: The 2nd international Education With Sustainability Conference. Jointly hosted by Mid Sweden University, Sweden and the Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland. Due to Covid-19 EwS 2020 will be held as a one-day online conference 13 August.

EwS 2018 was the first in a series of international interdisciplinary conferences that focus on the challenges facing all aspects of education when teaching for a sustainable future. We are now happy to announce the second EwS. The conference will address not only the challenges but also the opportunities for educators, as we will have to weave the golden thread of sustainability into all aspects of our teaching curriculum.

EwS2020 will draw together educators and researchers­­ to share their experience from different disciplines and teaching contexts. The conference will include oral and poster sessions as well as thought provoking international keynote speakers targeting Sustainability as a Pedagogical Tool, and Sustainability in Higher Education and Outreach.

Together we can improve our ability to provide the coming generation with knowledge and tools needed to address challenges in building a sustainable future!