Conference programme. Please note that the Zoom links will be activated on the conference day!

online group meeting

Thursday, August 13

09:30-10:00        Drop-in – Welcome, incl Vice Chancellor Anders Fällström

10:00-10:45        Keynote lecture: Professor Victoria W. Thoresen
Bobbles and bonds—learning about sustainable lifestyles in a post-pandemic world 

10:45-11:00        Break

11:00-11:45        Parallel sessions

Session 1 A:        Chair: Sebastian Bader, Support: Maria F

11:00-11:15 Presentation 1:

Sakiko Okayama (6 pm Japan): Introduction of "Future Mayor Workshop" and "Future Chart" to encourage youngsters to contribute to society in order to achieve sustainability.

11:15-11:30 Presentation 2:

Anna Longueville  & Åsa Lind Chong: The teacher-guided interactive work-shop model

11:30-11:45 Presentation 3: 

Anne-Marie Tuomala: Winning with Sustainability in Combined Environmental and ICT Engineering Teaching


Session 1B:   Chair Bengt-Gunnar Jonsson, support Cathrine G

11:00-11:15 Presentation 1:
Anna Mårtensson: Students' learning about social sustainability by exploring customer values

11:15-11:30  Presentation 2:

Christoph Ebbert: The Sustainability Chase – Problem Based Learning for All Study Fields

11:30-11:45  Presentation 3:

John Barimo: Developing a Connected Curriculum: Integrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within University College Cork’s Curricula.


Session 1C:  Chair Declan Feeney, support Paul vdB

11:00-11:15  Presentation 1:

Frances Lucy: What are the most important issues and opportunities related to Sustainability in Higher Education?

11:15-11:30  Presentation 2:

Dermot O’Donovan: Steering Irish Higher Education Institutions through an education for sustainable development transition: an exploration of policy, challenges and steering mechanisms

11:30-11:45  Presentation 3:

Erik Grönlund: The creation of independent, problem solving students - the pedagogic legacy of Lars Thofelt in sustainability teaching at Mid Sweden University


11:45-12:00        Questions & Discussion

12:00                    “Lunchrooms” open, virtual thematic meeting rooms

13:00-13:45         Keynote lecture: Dr. Maria Ojala

Promoting critical emotional awareness in education for sustainable development

13:45-14:00         Break

14:00-14:45         Parallel sessions  

Session 2A: Chair Frances Lucy, support Cathrine G

14:00-14:15 Presentation 1:

Anja Noke: Step-by-step learning of sustainable technologies in environmental engineering through multidisciplinary projects

14:15-14:30 Presentation 2:

Catrin Johansson: Reduced travel greenhouse gas emissions by university employees: empirical evidence from Mid Sweden University

 14:30-14:45 Presentation 3:

Erik Grönlund: What did students find when looking for sustainability paradigms?


Session 2B: Chair Anna, support Maria

14:00-14:15  Presentation 1:

Janne Wikström: The course Sustainable Cities in the Nordic-Baltic Region 2019-21- Educating a new generation of problem solvers through international cooperation

14:15-14:30  Presentation 2:

Renate Link: Sustainable & Social Friendship Programme: Establishing a Link between the Pre-X Generations and the Generation Z

14:30-14:45  Presentation 3: 

Mauricio Hernández: From Productivism to Regeneration in Socio-Ecological Systems: An exploration of tensions, trade-offs, and ways forward


Session 2C: Chair Sebastian, support TBD

14:00-14:15  Presentation 1:

Declan Feeney: Introducing an Environmental Management System into an Educational Institute: The challenges of change!

14:15-14:30  Presentation 2:

Bengt Gunnar Jonsson: The need to bring Post Normal Science into teaching

14:30-14:45  Presentation 3:

Paul van den Brink: TBC

14:45-15:00         Questions & Discussion

15:00-15:15         Break

15:15-16:00         Keynote lecture: Dr. Paul Warwick

Sustainability Education - 7 proposals for a movement towards a pedagogy of love


16:00-17:00         “After work” session – virtual thematic meeting rooms