He began his academic career at McGill University (B.A. Hons '93). He continued his studies at Queen's University (M.A. '96) where his interests in how workers shape economic landscapes focussed his research.

Steven Tufts

Steven Tufts is an Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Geography at York University. His research interests are related to the geographies of work, workers and organized labour. His current projects involve the use of strategic research by labour unions and labour union renewal in Canada, the integration of immigrants in urban labour markets, labour market adjustment in the hospitality sector, the impact of climate change on workers and workplaces, and the intersection between labour and right-wing populism. He has contributed to a number of edited collections and published articles in journals such as Geoforum, Environment and Planning A, and Antipode.

Stevens talk has the title:
Canada’s ‘Scandinavian Dreams’
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