Business Innovation Seminar

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Välkommen till Business Innovation Seminar med Lennart Eberleh, styrelseordförande och VD för Rottneros. Seminariet filmas och webbsänds för dig som inte kan delta på plats.

Sustainable products from the forest with passion for people

Lennart Eberleh, President and CEO, Rottneros AB

Lennart Eberleh is born i Germany where he also got his education, a master science exam. He came to Sweden in 1995 and since 2016 he is the president and CEO of Rottneros. Rottneros manufactures two main types of pulp, mechanical and chemical pulp, which are the basis of the group’s broad product portfolio. Wallpapers, packaging, air filters, electrical applications and laminate floors are just a few products their pulp is used for. At Rottneros Mill two categories of mechanical pulp are manufactured, CTMP and groundwood pulp. At Vallvik Mill long-fibre chemical sulphate pulp is produced.

The seminar will be in English. We will stream the seminar on the website if you can´t join us live.


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6 september 11:00 - 12:00 Sundsvall, Grönborg ljusgården