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Licentiatseminarium med Jonas Johansson

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Välkommen till licentiatseminarium med Jonas Johansson, industridoktorand i forskarskolan FORIC och anställd av SCA Timber AB.

Avhandlingen har titeln: The Swedish durable wood materials market - industry structure and consumer perceptions´. Seminariet hålls på engelska.


Leif Olsson

Assisterande handledare 

Christer Strandberg


Anders Qvale Nyrud


During the last few decades, the range of durable-wood material products has increased, with new products entering the market. The purpose of this thesis is to explore the Swedish durable wood-materials market from both an industry-structure and post-purchase-consumer perspective. The industry structure analysis suggests that the power of buyers and the threat from substitutes can pose challenges. The results from the consumer study reveals that end-consumers’ level of product information remains the same pre and post-purchase. With a growing range of commercially available durable wood materials and the low-information involvement of end-consumers, the industry is encouraged to work proactively and embrace the current development to strengthen the firms’ offerings.


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