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Licentiatseminarium i data- och systemvetenskap: Dima Eljis

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Välkommen till ett licentiatseminarium där Dima Elijs försvarar sin avhandling " Multi-Camera Light Field Capture Synchronization, Calibration, Depth Uncertainty, and System Design"

This thesis covers research on multi-camera systems, which are used for multimedia production, surveillance, photography and self-driving cars. As such, we must ensure that cameras cooperate and are able to record consistent data. An investigation in camera calibration has been conducted, to check whether calibration methods can estimate the actual camera properties, using a special dataset with ground truth.

Synchronization between cameras has been addressed in two ways. A model is proposed for describing the effect of synchronization errors, and a method is proposed to compensate these errors after recording. Morevoer, a new framework for a multi-camera based light field testbed is developed and implemented. This framework is flexible, modular, and allows the replication of various multi-camera system configurations for testing as standalone and end-to-end light field communication systems.

The seminar will be held in english.

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1 januari