Maj: Dianah Gowa

Spara favorit 28 jun juni 2018
Dianah Gowa

Läs om Dianahs spännande resa från studier vid Mittuniversitetets masterprogram i Business Administration, Marketing and Management till att jobba som projektkoordinator på en organisation som heter Save Street Children Uganda. Intervjun med Dianah är på engelska.

What did you study at Mid Sweden University, and when did you graduate?

I studied a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing and Management at the Östersund campus, and graduated in 2015.

Where do you work now and how long have you been working there?

I am currently volunteering at a local NGO called Save Street Children Uganda, in the role of Project Coordinator. The NGO rehabilitates and reintegrates street children and youth so that they can live dignified lives. I have been working in this organization for one year now.

Tell us a little about your professional trip(from student to the occupation you have today)

After I graduated from Mid Sweden University, I returned to my home country Uganda, and got a job as a Project Manager for the Coffee value chain digitization project, under the ‘Mobile Money for the Poor’ funded project by the United Nations Capital Development Fund. I held this position for one year after which the project ended.

It was after the project closure that I took on my current new role as a Project Coordinator at Save Street Children Uganda.

What did you do to establish yourself in the labor market after your studies?

I will honestly admit that I was anxious after graduation because I did not know what the future held or if I would find a job soon after. However, from the contacts and networks I had made in my previous job before moving to Sweden to pursue the Master’s degree, I was able to find a foot back into the labour market.

What is the fun of your job?

The fun part about my current job is that I get to put a smile on the faces of destitute children and youth. For me, working in a role or company where I am making direct positive impact to someone, is something I cherish and find fulfilling. I consider it really humbling in that not only my professional and personal development is being enhanced, but also my personal desire and drive to make a significant difference in the lives of different marginalized groups of people.

In what way did you get in contact with the labour market during your study time?

During my study time, I subscribed to different companies and job portals which had my interest areas. In addition, I kept in touch with former colleagues and workmates who kept me updated with available job opportunities and openings.

What benefit have you had in the working life from your studies?

From my studies at Mid Sweden University, my presentation skills greatly improved! From the various group and individual presentations that were incorporated in the different course modules, my confidence was boosted. Now in the working life, I am more willing and able to give presentations with less anxiety and nervousness.

What did you think about studying at Mid Sweden University?

Studying at Mid Sweden University was a wonderful opportunity for me. My course mostly comprised students from different countries, which I found really enriching. My general global outlook and perspective on life, education, work etc. was enhanced. I was exposed to a myriad of different ideas and insights, some of which I have tried to incorporate back in my home country, in my various spheres of influence.

Can you give three career tips for students?

  1. Don’t chase after money because in the long term, it tends to be a poor motivator. Instead do what you love and the money will follow.
  2. Come up with your own personal and professional definition of success, and don’t let anyone else define it for you.
  3. Employers hire for attitude and train for knowledge. Always have your attitude at the top of the game, be enthusiastic and never stop learning.