Juni: Honggang Liu

Honggang studied computer science at campus Sundsvall from Aug 2016 to Jun 2017 and is now a PhD student at Fudan University in China.


What did you study at the Mid Sweden University, and when did you graduate?
I studied at campus Sundsvall from Aug 2016 to Jun 2017. My major was computer science. I studied machine-learning algorithms and learned how to use them on localization devices, that was interesting.

Where do you work now and how long have you been working there?
 Now I am studying at Fudan University as a PhD student, my study started in September last year, so it has been almost one year.

Tell us a little about your professional trip 
 From the spring in 2017, I started looking for jobs, both in Sweden and in China. In the end I decided to go to DHL China as a system analysist, because the salary was good and the working location was close to my girl friend -Yuxia Ding, she is also an exchange student to Mid Sweden University, from Shanghai. While working, I saw the unmanned warehouse and auto guide vehicles. I think I am more interested in those things than my job, so I quit DHL and applied a PhD position in Fudan University.

How did you do to establish yourself in the labor market after your studies?
 I prepared a good CV. I summarized my project experiments during my study and wrote down my professional skills. After each interview, I did some changes on my CV, highlighted the rows that the company was interested in and/or deleted some rows from professional skills.

What is the fun of your job?
I think the fun is when we are watching something we made, actually working. In laboratory we have a lot of ideas but most of them is only in theory, many ideas we have tried for months is not working. If it suddenly works, it will bring happiness.

In what way did you get in contact with the labor market during your study time?
At the beginning of my job searching trip, I did send my CV to the companies I wanted to work at. The big companies normally put their job positions on their websites, with a label ‘join us’. I also went to some job fair, in Sundsvall, Beijing and Shanghai. Some of my friends have the referral positions so I did send my CV to them. The DHL job I got was from my friend’s referral.  

What benefit have you had in the working life from your studies?
I think the most important benefit is the project experiments. In my study, Professor Tingting Zhang gave me an opportunity to use the algorithms from books to localization scene. From that project I learned how to make use of a theory to a business application scene and that helps me a lot in my work.

What did you think about studying at the Mid Sweden University?
 I liked the environment and the buildings. The best was the people that are really nice.

Can you give three career tips for students?
 1    Everyone’s career trip is not the same. You need to discover your own way.
 2    Working on something you are not interested in, is quite difficult.
 3    Keep studying.