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10 great tips on how to start a successful career

Have you started planning your career yet? Are you interested in starting it in Sundsvall? Maybe you need to get your networking going, or maybe you need inspiration in order to find the right job? On Wednesday 26th of November you can meet professionals and hear their stories on what they did to get their dream careers here in Sundsvall. Become inspired to start the career that you always wanted!

The seminar will focus on 3 different people with 3 different stories and career paths, describing what they did in order to create a successful career for themselves in Sundsvall.

Welcome to this inspirational lecture on Wednesday 26th of November!

The event will be in English and lunch will be provided to the 50 first registered participants.

Time: November 26, 12 – 1 pm

Place: O111 (House O Campus Sundsvall)

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For further questions please contact:

Beatrice Löfström Sandberg, 0727418652, beatrice.lofstrom@miun.se

Tove Gulliksson, 0738068935, tove.gulliksson@miun.se

More tips on career planning on Twitter #careerhacks

//Work and Career department at Mid Sweden University
Beatrice and Tove


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