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We know innovative product development and we are experts in sports technology. Test our skills during ISPO!

Mid Sweden University Sports Technology Engineering Programme is the only one of its kind in Sweden and one of very few in the world. We focus on innovative product development of equipment and aids for sports and outdoor recreation.

We have broad competence in design, technology, physiology and biomechanics. Our proficiency in prototyping, design optimization, project management and anatomy provides a good foundation for our work with product development of sports equipment.

During ISPO, you will have the opportunity to test our skills in innovative product development. Give us a challenge and you will have a team of sports technology students who will work for three hours on developing an innovative solution to your problem. The clients retains all rights. For several years, our contributions has produced highly appreciated solutions for the clients and there is a great demand. Are you one of this year’s clients?

The number of assignments are limited. In the form below you can include your preferred time and day. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes and get back to you with a confirmation as soon as possible.

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/ The student team at ISPO

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