Shrec in Swedish Mid Norrland
Grön energi

Meet energy and sustainability experts

The SHREC project tackle issues how to influence the renewable energy production and consumption by business, communities and households. Partners seek to increase the awareness among households, business and public actor. You will find more information about the project on this website.

On the September 22 we had an interactive digital workshop on how the Swedish region of Middle Norrland works to shift towards renewable energy for transition to low carbon energy. 

Programme September 22 (See films below)

Swedish priorities in research and innovation within energy system, today and tomorrow  
Dr. Martin Svensson, Unit Manager for Innovation and Business Development, Swedish Energy Agency 

Middle Norrland - Regional policy analysis  
Karin Nygård Skalman, Project Coordinator SHREC, Mid Sweden University and
John Wallon, Department Manager, Tillväxtverket (The Swedish Innovation and growth agency) and the managing authority for ERDF funds. 
Middle Norrland region, the status on energy usage and some challenges ahead  
Dr. Olof Björkqvist, Senior Lecturer, Mid Sweden University  
Presentation of research projects 

The Nordic Electricity Markets in Change 
One bill and one point of contact. The introduction of a supplier centric model in four Nordic countries. Will it benefit the customers?   
Dr. Håkan Sundberg, Assistant Professor, Mid Sweden University  

Blackout Ahead? Perspectives on energy supply and disturbances
Are we prepared for disturbances in the power supply? This talk provides an introduction into the Swedish policy-making process for the event of a national power shortage. 
Dr. Christine Grosse, Assistant Professor, Mid Sweden University

Large-scale paper-based harvest and storage of renewable energy 
Challenges and possibilities in the transition to a green infrastructure for renewable energy and electrified transportation. What happens when we combine the latest nanotechnology research with large-scale paper industry processes?  
Dr. Nicklas Blomquist, Researcher and Research Project Manager, DRIVE, Mid Sweden University  

What can policy do for the middle Norrland Region?  
Regional sustainability – an engineering view upon available land. From the study of regional energy- and carbon flows, a number of questions can be raised how to use available land to reduce global warming. 
Torbjörn Skytt, Techn.Lic. Ecotechnology, Mid Sweden University  
Presentation of industry projects 

Processum – the biorefinery innovation hub

Processum shall be a creative hub in a world leading cluster for development and commercialization of biorefinery processes, green products, chemicals and material. 
Dr. Jonas Joelsson, Innovation system Manager, Processum Rise 

Biofuel for aviation 
Different processes to produce biojet, renewable diesel and renewable gasoline from forest industry residues. At SCA we are investigating conversion of solid biomass, lignin, tall oil and carbon dioxide into advanced biofuels and biojet/Sustainable Aviation Fuel. 
Dr. Anders Edling Hultgren, General Manager Biorefinery, SCA 

SME and consumer perspective some cases from Middle Norrland 

Knowledge Transfer Partnership – Successful Collaboration Between Academia and Industry
Many SME:s lack knowledge and dedicated time to address energy efficiency and CO2-reduction within the company. In a KTP-project between Mid Sweden University, IUC-Z-group and the recycling company Lundstams återvinning AB, a dedicated project leader has been assigned to help the company address these challenges. 
Kristina Rådberg, Project Manager, Mid Sweden University 
Linus Theorell, Project Manager, Lundstam 

Energy effectiveness in SME
Sara Nordstrand, Project Manager, Region of Jämtland Härjedalen 

Building capacity for transition to circular economy in Jämtland, Härjedalen & Trøndelag.
Maja Blomqvist, Project Manager, Region of Jämtland Härjedalen 

SME accelerator in biorefinery area
Yvonne Söderström, Project Manager, Processum 

Summary of the day    
Moderator Dr. Hans-Erik Nilsson, Professor, Dean, Mid Sweden University