A chance to glance at research including hands-on experience

We talked to Thomas Wiss about his studies at Mid Sweden University and his studies at the Master by Research in Computer Engineering program.

Bild av Thomas Wiss

When did you study at Mid Sweden University?

I studied from January 2017 until the end of December 2018 at Campus Sundsvall.

How did you find out about Master by Research in Computer Engineering at Mid Sweden University?

In 2016 I got the chance to pursue an exchange semester, during my Bachelor, at Mid Sweden University and the experience of that study was so great that I was looking for ways to extend my stay. I talked to fellow students and one mentioned the Master by Research program that Mid Sweden University was offering. From there on it was only about contacting the Professor in a course I was attending to find out more about the program.

What made you choose our program?

From the start I knew the independence the program offers is something I would highly appreciate. Further the mix between course-based study as well as having a continuous project over several semesters were rather tempting. Also, being able to get a glance at research including some hands-on experience made me favour this program. Lastly, I really liked the university, the city of Sundsvall, and the people I would be able to spend time with.

What did you do during your time as a Master by Research Student?

I was pursuing research in the field of the Internet of Things, mostly concerning communication protocols, at STC in the Computer Science department. Over three semesters I studied and worked with various types of protocols, made adaptations, measured the changes, and managed to publish two research articles in the process of it.

How was it to work together with the researchers at STC?

It was always a very friendly atmosphere around the office. The researchers were very helpful when addressed with questions and I always valued their input and expertise greatly!

From your experience

  • what would you say to those who’s thinking about applying to the program?
    This is a great opportunity for you who likes to see research at work and in the making. You get the chance to pursue research in a vibrant field, get to interact and learn from very competent researchers, and with some luck and hard work even a research article published. You’ll get a higher degree of independence than you would in a course-based Master program and a project that lasts over several semesters.

  • what would you say to the once who are studying the program now?
    Make use of the knowledge and experience of the researchers around you, it’s a rather unique setup this program offers. Try to take in as much as you can and aim for a publication. I wouldn’t want to miss the experience of having participated and presented at an IEEE conference abroad. And most of all, keep up the good and hard work!

What have you done after your studies at Mid Sweden University?

I went on to work in the industry as a Software engineer which is what I do until today.