PhD Program in Tourism Studies

Save favourite 29 Apr April 2014

Since 2010 the Department of Tourism Studies at Mid-Sweden University has offered a PhD program in Tourism Studies.

The program is within the social sciences and focuses around three topics; (i) tourism related resources (environmental, cultural and socio-technical resources devoted to tourism), (ii) consumer behaviour (behavioural and attitudinal aspects of tourists related to the consumption or experience of tourism goods, services, images and emotions), and (iii) tourism management (the interplay of the various operations and processes within and between tourism organizations).

A PhD in Tourism Studies includes four years of full time studies, including both course work and a thesis (monography or combination of articles). The topic for the studies will be decided in a dialogue between the candidate and the supervisor unless it is specified in advance. A PhD candidate in Tourism Studies is assigned a main supervisor and one or two assistant supervisors.

In order to register as a PhD candidate at Mid-Sweden University there must be a proof of funding for four years of full time studies. Positions funded by the Mid-Sweden University are always announced at the university web page ( along with instructions on how to apply.