Webinar on hybrid workplaces ‑ the new normal. What is the new normal and what makes us feel good?

Fri 04 Nov 2022 13:14

On September 30, the CER network working group – existing collaborators held a webinar with guest speaker and organizational psychologist Emma Eckenberger on the topic of workplaces of the future.

framtidens arbetsplats

Organizational psychologist Emma Eckenberger gave a lecture on the topic of workplaces of the future to around 80 participants who were both online and in the room on campus in Sundsvall.
Emma mentioned, among other things, that we are beginning to be able to discern between a before and an after pandemic, but what we still do not we really know how remote work during the pandemic affected us? What should we focus on when it comes to creating the new hybrid work? And is does these new models suit everyone?
The moderator/conversation leader at the webinar was Måns Fahlander , management consultant at Pro&Pro and member of the CER network's working group- existing collaborators.


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