1st Economic Transformation and Sustainability International Conference held

Tue 03 May 2022 15:54

CER was responsible for the session: "Digital transformation in financial services" at the Economic Transformation and Sustainability International Conference, which took place on 28-30 March 2022.

Economic Transformation and Sustainability International Conference

At the Conference Mustafa Nourallah, researcher at CER, led a session where six papers were presented. These included his own Paper "Employing structural equation modeling to test a conceptual framework in business studies". His colleague Masoome Abikari presented the Paper "Emotions, perceived risk, and consumers' behavioral intention to adopt emerging e-banking technology". Peter Öhman, CER's center leader, was the main speaker at the session.

This International Conference (online) was inspired from the economic and Sustainability critical challenges facing the world after Covid pandemic, and therefore the aim of the conference was to share the information and knowledge related to economic transformation and sustainability and various emerging businesses to support world economic growth in a global context.

Modern College of Business and Science  hosted the Conference in collaboration with Centre for Research on Economic Relations (CER), Mid Sweden University, Sweden; Oxford Educational Research and Training (OXERT), United Kingdom; Indian Economic Association, India; Faculty of Commerce, Aligarh Muslim University, India; Amity University- Gwalior, India.



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