Research grants to CER researchers

Mon 12 Jun 2023 11:16

Mikael Lundholm, CER researcher in law at Mittuniversitetet, is part of a research group that received funding to study forced sales.


Jan Wallander's and Tom Hedelius' foundation and Tore Browaldh's foundation have awarded the program "On the functioning of the Swedish housing market: Evidence from two field experiments" a grant of one million kroner over 2.5 years.

Forced sale is when the enforcement officer sells an indebted individual's home to pay the person's debts. There are no guarantees that the forced sale will lead to freedom from debt, but the debtor may still have large residual debts even though he or she has been left their home. It is therefore important that the Bailiff carries out the forced sales so that it leads to the highest possible payment of the debts. To investigate this, Kronofogden has carried out an evaluation study that compares forced sales at public auction with forced sales via brokers. The research funding now granted intends to evaluate the effects of the study.

The research project is located at the Department of Statistics at Uppsala University. The project manager is Mattias Nordin, a statistician with extensive experience in the type of methods used in the project. Henk Schouten is a theoretically oriented national economist with a focus on auction theory and Professor Matz Dahlberg has extensive experience in national economics evaluating reforms and regulation in the areas of labour market and housing policy.


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