Mikael Lundholm



Articles in journals

Lundholm, M. (2022). Can Closer Lender-Borrower Relations Save Homes during Foreclosure?. Housing, Theory and Society, vol. 39: 1, pp. 41-65.    

Lundholm, M. (2022). Credit expansion and socio-economic heterogeneity of debtors in foreclosure : the case of Sweden 2000–2014. Housing Studies, vol. 37: 1, pp. 1-25.  

Lundholm, M. (2021). Compensation and Socio-Economic Status of Borrowers in Foreclosure : Evidence from Swedish Micro-data. Journal of Consumer Policy, vol. 44: 1, pp. 95-116.  

Conference papers

Dahlstrand, K. , Bergwall, P. & Lundholm, M. (2023). Less repressive and fairer foreclosure. Evidence from a randomized experiment at Kronofogden regarding the possibilities to break economic exclusion. Paper presented at the Law, Society and Digital Pasts, Presents and Futures Annual meeting Research committee on sociology of law, Lund, August 30 - September 1, 2023

Doctoral theses

Lundholm, M. (2021). The social contingency of law : Studies of social control during foreclosure in Sweden. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Lund : Media tryck, Lund university, 2021 (Lund Studies in Sociology of Law : 52)  

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