Research results in energy efficiency in mechanical pulping

Wed 18 Oct 2017 11:13

See the presentation from Science and Innovation Day 2017 with our researcher Docent Birgitta Engberg, Thomas Granfeldt from Valmet and Christer Sandberg from Holmen.

A unique study shows energy savings of 25 percent using smart process optimization. Our research group High yield pulping technology is now finalizing the research profile e2mp - energy effiency in mechanical pulping.                

In cooperation with the forest companies Holmen, SCA and Stora Enso, the Mid Sweden University has conducted extensive studies in the paper industry to improve technology and save energy in the production of printing paper and cardboard. Important partners in the collaboration were also other research actors such as PFI (Norway), Chalmers, SLU and LTH, as well as the companies Valmet, Andritz and Norske Skog.

"We have shon that we can reduce energy consumption by about 25 percent in full scale testing compared to today's technology in paper mills. The study is of great relevance to Swedish paper production", says Per Engstrand, Professor at Mid University. "The results in the demo scale of the paper industry amount to 30 percent energy reduction for printing paper and 27 percent for paperboard. It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions and reduced climate impact from paper production."

The final goal is that in 2021 show how to manufacture printing paper and paperboard with only half the amount of energy used compared to 2011 when the research collaboration began. The studies carried out so far make it likely that the final target of 50 percent energy reduction will be fully assessed. Alternatively, companies can choose to significantly improve the properties of pulp and products compared with today's paper products. The research has been carried out with the support of the Swedish Energy Agency, the Knowledge Foundation and the Norwegian Research Council.


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