New visiting professor in Chemical Engineering

Mon 07 Oct 2019 15:59

Ville Alopaeus from Aalto University has recently started at Mid Sweden University as a visiting professor in Chemical Engineering.

Ville Alopaeus
Ville Alopaeus, new visiting professor at FSCN research centre.

His contribution will aim at combining key competence areas from both universities, which create significant synergy in biorefinery and chemical pulping research. Moreover, the collaboration with local industrial partner companies is one important aspect in this recruitment.

“Traditional chemical industry, oil refining, and pulp and paper industries are approaching each other in terms of the competences needed for their R&D personnel as well as in their product portfolios in the form of novel biorefinery openings. I am excited about this opportunity, as I have been working in industrial projects from each of these disciplines and seen how companies earlier considered almost neophobic have turned their eyes into new business opportunities via new technologies and products. I am happy to contribute in this transformation also via my work in Mid Sweden University”

Ville Alopaeus has a D.Sc. (Tech) in chemical engineering from Helsinki University of Technology. After working for about five years in industry in various process design and development tasks, for example in process development of Neste’s NExBTL technology, he returned to academia. Since 2008 he has been a full professor of Chemical Engineering at Aalto University. Currently he is the head of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering department, and started as a visiting professor in MIUN in September 2019 with 12.5% work share.

“I hope I can deepen collaborations with our universities, help students at all levels to get new and hopefully useful perspectives, and work together with MIUN’s stakeholders. For me, the most motivating thing is to work together with competent people with scientific, engineering-oriented and forward-looking mind-sets. Nothing is better than innovating together, and guiding novel ideas towards industrial relevance and scientific results.”

We wish him welcome and hope he will enjoy working with us! He will work close to professor Juha Fiskari at FSCN research centre. 


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