Thu 28 Mar 2019 15:24

The PhD students and supervisors in FORIC research school gathers for General Assembly in Örnsköldsviks, MoRe Research, Aditya Domsjö Fabriker and RISE Processum facilities.

FORIC general assembly

Guest speaker during the seminar was Kristina Elg Christoffersson, R&D manager Domsjö Fabriker. She told us about the biorefinery sector and Domsjö Fabrikers development towards a competitive biorefinary plant. 

We did also get inspired from Chris Xiros, from RISE Processum, who told us about their R&D development in the biorefinery sector and Stefan Svensson, CEO MoRe Research, who told us about their role in the Swedish forest industry. The lectures were combinated with guided tours in the plants.

The PhD students in FORIC presented their on-going research

  • Magnus Hörnsten - Domsjö Fabriker
  • Anna-Karin Stengard - Sundsvall Energi
  • Bakhram Gaynullin - SenseAir
  • Sara Starrsjö - SCA
  • Christer Sandberg - Holmen
  • Elisabeth Björk - RISE Bioeconomy
  • Olof Ferritsius - Mid Sweden University
  • Alexander Hedlund - Frontway
  • Johanna Enström - Skogforsk
  • Robert Norgren - Ragn-Sells
  • Tove Joelsson - MoRe Research

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