Research Groups


We work on improving the profitability of today's paper industry, and to find new ways using forest and wood fibres. We engineer materials extracted from the forest industry material flows, and refine to provide sustainable alternatives to e.g. plastics. We also develop wood fibres, paper and board in new ways, for example in three-dimensional packaging structures, paper solar cells and light-weight structural composites from fibre-based materials.

Research groups at FSCN


The Bioenergy gasification research group are focused on synthesis gas (“syngas”) production from biomass for automotive fuel production.


The main research interests of the Eco-Chemistry group concerns synthesis, extraction and analysis of natural products.

Materials Physics

Our research concerns materials mainly with relevance for the forest industry. We have many projects in the area for large area applications and green energy, energy harversting, store and use...

Organic Chemistry

The research interest of the organic chemistry group focuses around green catalysis and in particular the field of organic catalysis.

Surface and Colloid Engineering

The research in our group Surface and Colloid Engineering is focused on the following two main areas; Biomaterials and Metal chelation.

Head of the Research groups

Bio energy

Wennan Zhang

Eco Chemistry

Erik Hedenström

High Yield Pulping Technology

Per Engstrand

Materials Physics

Håkan Olin

Organic Chemistry

Armando Cordova

Surface and Colloid Engineering

Magnus Norgren