Bild på skogsglänta med tallar i motljus

We aim to form a new scientifically attractive research program on processing of pulp fibres.

Our aim is to develop new R&D methods in order to acquire new knowledge about the fibre-level mechanisms that take place in pulping and papermaking processes. We also envision that our research group will have a role in the development of Swedish bioeconomy. The ultimate motivation is that industry can expand the usability of materials made of forest-based fibres and reduce the footprint in the manufacturing of these materials.

The strategic challenge of all pulp and paper research is its relatively low scientific attractiveness, and research on existing processes is no exception. It is not realistic to think that the situation would change if we continued with the same research approaches and focused on the same research questions as before. We need new exciting research methods and questions that are interesting even outside the traditional pulp and paper research. If we succeed in that, then we can attract talented researchers, establish international collaborations and make scientific impact with our process research.

We start with forming a new research group in the area of property distributions of fibres with researchers and partner companies from the forest industries and bioeconomy sector in Sweden.  

Ongoing Research Projects


A new research profile will enable new markets for fiber products from the forest and help the forest industry to broaden the use of fiber-based materials with resource-efficient processes. The...