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The main research interests of the Eco-Chemistry group concerns synthesis, extraction and analysis of natural products.

The research is mainly focused on semiochemicals as kairomones and pheromones used for chemical communication by pests on forests and crops. But, focus is also on exploring synthetic methods for organic compounds with a desired function. The research in Eco-Chemistry at Mid Sweden University can shortly be presented as three research areas:

  • Analysis, synthesis and extraction of natural products and investigation of their use in environmentally friendly protection of plants, trees and wood from moose, deer, vole, insects and wood decaying fungi.
  • Design and synthesis of environmentally friendly organic compounds with a desired function as for example semiochemicals or separable and recyclable complexing agents.
  • Structure elucidation and bioactivity of natural compounds.

The research group has access to laboratories that are very well equipped for all kind of work involved in modern analytical methods and organic synthesis. We have analytical instruments such as a 500 (+ HRMAS) NMR-instrument, a 250 MHz (+ CPMAS) NMR-instrument, a new GC-FTIR, a new ion trap GCGC-MS-instrument equipped with PFC, a SQ GCGC-MS-instrument, a new LC-QTOF-instrument, SQ LC-MS, a new LC-ICPMS and a new ICP-OES.

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